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  • Toggle Injection Molding Machine-V Series (Vertical Toggle System)

    Toggle Injection Molding...

  • Toggle Injection Molding Machine-H Series (Horizontal Toggle System)

    Toggle Injection Molding...

  • Standard Injection Molding Machine

    Standard Injection Molding...

  • Liquid Silicon Injection Molding Machine

    Liquid Silicon Injection...

  • P.E.T. Preform Injection Molding Machine

    P.E.T. Preform Injection...

  • Bakelite & Melamine Injection Molding Machine

    Bakelite & Melamine...

  • Color Mix Injection Molding Machine

    Color Mix Injection...

  • Acrylic Injection Molding Machine

    Acrylic Injection Molding...

  • Hard PVC Injection Molding Machine

    Hard PVC Injection Molding...

  • Two Set Double Cylinder For Injection Unit

    Two Set Double Cylinder...

  • Accumulator Assist Injection Molding Machine

    Accumulator Assist Injection...

  • Energy Saving Servo Hybrid Injection Molding Machine

    Energy Saving Servo...

  • Variable Displacement Pump Injection Molding Machine

    Variable Displacement...

  • Energy Saving Inverter Injection Molding Machine

    Energy Saving Inverter...

  • Accumulator Closed-Loop Injection Molding Machine

    Accumulator Closed-Loop...

 About Us
"Launch" was initially formed in 1979 by five interested parties. Its early stage was mainly concentrated on maintenance service to plastic injection molding machine as well as machine modification.

From the above accumulated experiences, we are able to manufacture our machines from the Plunger Type Injection Molding Machine to the Screw Type Injection Molding Machine. Likewise, we manage to enhance the electrical device in our machine form the conventional Relay Type Electric Circuit Control mode to the computer control mode, and finally improved it to an advance level of the Optical Scale L.C.D. Control Mode.

We are looking forward for environmental friendly protection and advanced energy saving machines in the future to improve green development design concept. Unsurprisingly, the company has undergone the various stages of Taiwans plastic injection molding machine developments for the past thirty years.

As a result of our customers consensus and continuous support and also to cope up with the rapid increase in demand, the company has shifted its old plant from Sanchung City to Lu Jou City and thereafter to Wu Ku City where we bought up a plant at the present site in Wu Ku Industrial District.

Owing to the Taiwan diversified foreign investment policy, we have set up out branch companies in Mainland China and Malaysia in order to provide services to local customers. At the same time, we also take the opportunity to promote our unique brand of plastic injection molding machine to various parts of the world.

We always give due respects to our customers in terms of services and responsibilities. Therefore, we are adopting the ISO standard quality control system to maintain our policy of giving top priority to customers in addition to prolong management of maintaining quality control. We are constantly renewing our scheme in future planning so as to keep ahead all the time in serving the society.
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1.Lanch Machinery Factory/2.Injection Molding Machine/3.Injection Molding Machine/4.High pressure high speed close loop injection molding machine/5.Energy saving electricity injection molding machine/7.Ceramic powder injection molding machine/8.Servomotor injection molding machine/9.Inventer energy saving injection molding machine/10.Variable pump energy saving machine/11.Bakelite injection molding machine/12.Liquid silicon injection molding machine/13.P.E.T perform injection molding machine/14.Gas assist injection molding machine/15.Color mixer injection molding machine/16.Plastic industrial wholesales equipment/17.Crusher machine/18.Plastic Mixer machine/19.Water Chiller machine/20.Robotic Arm/21.Cosmetic and Arcylic injection molding machine/22.In-mold system


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